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Thematic Line 1

Natural Capital and Sustainable Ecosystem Services

Natural capital and sustainable ecosystem services: exploring the interconnections between biodiversity, ecological resilience, and nature’s contributions to people’s well-being.


Coordination: João Loureiro (CFE), César Capinha (CEG), Conceição Caldeira (CEF)


Thematic Line 2

Sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Harvesting food, wood, fibers, and wildlife materials from the land, soil, and water while simultaneously safeguarding the integrity of natural biological resources.

Coordination: Joana Paulo (CFE), Luís Cunha (CFE), Gonçalo Rodrigues (LEAF)


Thematic Line 3

Products Processing and Circular Economy

Sustainable processing to reduce the environmental impact of land use and produce ecological products.

Coordination: Isabel Sousa (LEAF), Jorge Gominho (CEF), Jorge Canhoto (CFE)


Thematic Line 4

Society and Environmental Health

Interactions between the physical and social environment and the development of preventive and sustainable approaches.

Coordination: Cátia Caneiras (ISAMB), Isabel Henriques (CFE), Paulo Nogueira (ISAMB)


Thematic Line 5

Socioecological systems, planning and policies

An approach to the impact of climate change on society, adaptation, and disaster risk management.

Coordination: Margarida Queiroz (CEG), Patrícia Abrantes (CEG), David Fangueiro (LEAF)