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CEF - Forest Research Centre

CEF develops research, post-graduate education, and outreach activities on issues dealing with forests, agro-forestry systems semi-natural areas, and forest-based industrial chains. CEF shares the EU Forest2020 da UE vision of forests and semi-natural areas as vital, productive and multifunctional ecosystems, contributing to sustainable development and human well-being, in a healthy environment.

CEG - Center for Geographical Studies​

The CEG’s scientific activity is carried out in close co-operation with the teaching of Geography at IGOT-ULisboa. It is carried out freely and with full respect for the ethics of scientific research, accepting no political, religious or ideological constraints. The CEG can provide services and carry out research work for public or private, national or foreign organisations, with remuneration allocated to the staff involved and its operation, in accordance with general legislation and the rules of IGOT and ULisboa.

CFE - Centre for Functional Ecology

Since ecology is the scientific matrix of CFE, with research focused in the fields of climate change, water and food management, protection of the oceans, biodiversity, ecosystem services, among others, CFE researchers will pursue a greater commitment to promote sustainable development, in a concerted, transdisciplinary, transnational and translational vision, supported by knowledge sharing. Therefore, the global mission of the CFE fully embodies the priorities of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with researchers being stimulated to give priority to systemic thinking with relevance at local, national and international levels.

ISAMB - Instituto de Saúde Ambiental

ISAMB aims to be an internationally competitive and nationally relevant centre for research, education & training, economic & social innovation and outreach, focused on the complex and closely intertwined relationships between the environment, the impact of human activity upon it, and in turn the influence of environment upon health and wellbeing, aspects that make up the Environmental Health scope.

LEAF - Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food

LEAF (Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture and Food) was created in 2013 from the merging of four previous R&D Units of Instituto Superior de Agronomia: CBAA-Centro de Botânica Aplicada à Agricultura, CEER-Centro de Engenharia dos Biossistemas, CEAPCC- Centro de Estudos de Arquitetura Paisagista “Prof. Francisco Caldeira Cabral” and UIQA-Unidade de Investigação em Química Ambiental.