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One Earth, one Health, one Future

Laboratory for Sustainable Land Use and Ecosystem Services

The Associate Laboratory TERRA brings together more than 450 researchers from five leading and highly complementary R&D units from the University of Lisbon and of Coimbra. The Research Units converge on a common theme: a sustainable use of the Land and its natural resources, from the point of view of the ecosystem and the population. It is in this sense that the laboratory’s activities cover the entire value chain, from natural resources and ecosystem services to environmental health and human populations. The declared objectives of this Associate Laboratory are extremely important for public policies, as sustainability in the use of natural resources is a fundamental premise for avoiding ecological and economic disasters.

TERRA is organised into five thematic lines (TL) that address important issues for national and European public policies. It has excellent research facilities, with fully equipped laboratories and field equipment. Together with participation in numerous doctoral programmes and postgraduate courses, it provides a basis for attracting and sustaining scientific and technical careers for doctoral students.

This laboratory for the sustainability of land use and ecosystem services integrates five Research Units – at the University of Lisbon, LEAF (Linking Landscape, Environment, Agriculture And Food Research Center) and CEF (Forest Research Centre) at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, CEG (Centre of Geographical Studies) at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning and ISAMB (Instituto de Saúde Ambiental) at the Faculty of Medicine; at the University of Coimbra the CFE (Centre for Functional Ecology).

TERRA has a vast area of activity, working on topics as diverse as: genetics, fisheries, aquaculture, energy, food, agronomy, forests, plant protection, soils, plant diseases, fruit growing, horticulture, environmental management, conservation, polar research, forensic anthropology, urban planning, migrations, tourism, ecology, numerical modeling, human health, environmental risks, society, history, ecophysiology, ecotoxicology, animal production, circular economy and support for public policies.

Knowledge, Society, Public Policies

TERRA is an Associate Laboratory that addresses society’s challenges and provides answers and advice to the public and private sectors, either through the involvement of scientists, stakeholders and policy makers to co-create knowledge and build processes for sustainable development and management of natural resources.

Scientific areas