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On Earth Day, TERRA Associate Laboratory hosted a gathering focused on science, sustainability and development

The event, which took place on Earth Day, April 22nd, aimed to commemorate its establishment and engage in discussions about science, sustainability, and development across various sectors of society.

The event was attended by the Secretary of State for Forests, Rui Ladeira, the Deputy Secretary of State for Agriculture, Ricardo Oliveira, the Vice-Rector of the University of Lisbon, Cecília Rodrigues, the Vice-Rector of the University of Coimbra, João Ramalho Santos, the Coordinator of the Council of Associate Laboratories, João Rocha, as well as representatives from Public Institutes, Research Units, Professors, Researchers, Students, and members of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) academic community.

By organizing this meeting, the TERRA Associate Laboratory demonstrated its commitment to supporting public policies by providing innovative socio-ecological scientific evidence aimed at sustainable land use. “We are present and available to support the administration, to support public decisions, so that, in fact, policy and decisions are made in an informed way that has a direct impact on the environment and people’s lives,” said TERRA’s CEO, Dr. Paulo Branco.

The round table moderated by Professor Teresa Ferreira, President of the Coordinators’ Council of the TERRA Associate Laboratory, fostered synergies on the topic: “Science, sustainability, and development,” with valuable contributions from Engineer Miguel Galante, Multilateral Affairs Division of Camões I.P., Professor Ricardo Trigo, Researcher at the Instituto Dom Luiz, Engineer Marta Cortegano, Associação Terra Sintrópica Director, and Dr. Filipe Pimentel Rações, Journalist for Green Savers magazine.

After the round table, there was room for audience interventions, leading to a debate around current challenges. In the words of Professor Teresa Ferreira, this highlighted the need to confront the different areas of expertise that the TERRA Associate Laboratory has. The President of the Coordinators’ Council of TERRA emphasized that land use is not a straightforward topic, and with 450 researchers dedicated to different areas of land use, it becomes possible to create synergies.

Aware that the future of food should involve more sustainable options, the event concluded with a tasting of future flavors, showcasing some alternatives with microalgae and insects.

© TERRA Associate Laboratory 

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