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First Workshop & World Café “Landscape and environmental restoration in Portugal” promoted by TERRA Thematic Line 5

The first Workshop & World Café of Thematic Line 5 “Socioecological systems, planning and policies” of the Associate Laboratory TERRA took place yesterday, January 24th, entirely dedicated to landscape and environmental restoration in Portugal.

The Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) was the location chosen for the first Workshop & World Café, promoted by the coordinators of TERRA’s Thematic Line 5 and brought together different stakeholders from Academia, Central Administration, Municipalities and Non-Governmental Associations, with the aim of discussing and share experiences within the scope of Landscape restoration and its connection to public policies. The initiative featured a display of themes and projects from Thematic Line 5, ending with a group discussion session.

Nature depends on delicate balances, based on essential interrelationships between species and their habitats. When these balances are destabilized, ecosystems degrade, losing the ability to provide vital services necessary for human life, such as providing nutritious food, drinking water, producing oxygen, providing natural resources, or absorbing CO2 and mitigating climate change. One of the possibilities to help restore the natural balance is to promote environmental restoration.

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